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The Neighbourhood Alert messaging system enables residents, businesses and community groups to keep in touch with local policing teams. You can choose to receive updates on crimes, latest information on on-going incidents and learn more about what events are being planned in your area. You can also respond to messages to ask questions or give feedback to your local policing team.

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Please note that this service is not for reporting crimes or incidents – to make a report please contact Northamptonshire Police via the Home | Northamptonshire Police ( or alternatively by dialling 101.  Please remember if there is a crime in progress or someone’s life is in danger dial 999.

Northampton Kingsthorpe, Headlands & Boothville NN8 team

Rachael Barber (Northamptonshire Police, PCSO, NN8 Northampton North East NPT)

Rachael Barber


Jemma Barclay (Police, PC, Response Neighbourhood Team 3 )

Jemma Barclay


Nicole  Bednarczyk  (Police , PCSO, NN8 Northampton - Kingsthorpe, Headlands and Boothville)

Nicole Bednarczyk


Joe Chadbourne (VISAV, Administrator, Northamptonshire)

Joe Chadbourne


Luke Cottle (Northamptonshire Police, Police Officer, NN8 Northampton)

Luke Cottle

Police Officer

Lee Curtis (Northamptonshire Police, Police Constable, North East LAP5)

Lee Curtis

Police Constable

Jamie David (Police , PC, Team 1, Kingsthorpe )

Jamie David


Mark Foster (Northamptonshire Police, PCSO, NN5 North East Northampton)

Mark Foster


Dan Freeman (Northamptonshire Police, PCSO, NN8 Northampton)

Dan Freeman


Payal Govind (Northants Police, Police Constable, NN Northampton NPT)

Payal Govind

Police Constable

Christopher Hilton (Northants Police , PC, NN Kingsthorpe)

Christopher Hilton


Kathleen  Roberts (Northamptonshire Police, Sergeant, NN8 Northampton)

Kathleen Roberts


Rodney Williams (Police, Inspector, NN Northampton)

Rodney Williams


Local Priority Issues

We regularly speak to local residents to establish what issues they may be experiencing in their area. We set up to three local priorities for each policing area three times a year. These are based on local crime statistics, information from partner agencies and feedback from the community via our local priorities survey.

The word cloud below represents the issues that local residents have recently highlighted in the survey as priorities for their area (including some that say "I have no issues").

Word clouds are graphical representations of word frequency that give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently. The larger the word in the visual below the more common the word was in the survey.

Your feedback is important and the more we get, the better we can understand and deal with the issues raised. Please click on the button below to have your say on local issues. Please do share your feedback every few months so we can be sure we have your currentviews.

Local Priority Issues

We regularly speak to local residents to establish what issues they may be experiencing in the area.

To have your say on local issues, please click on the button below to complete a short survey.

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