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Please note that this service is not for reporting crimes or incidents – to make a report please contact Northamptonshire Police via the Home | Northamptonshire Police (northants.police.uk) or alternatively by dialling 101.  Please remember if there is a crime in progress or someone’s life is in danger dial 999.

Daventry - Crick and Long Buckby ND3

Chantal Carrington (Northamptonshire Police, PC, ND Daventry)

Chantal Carrington


Les Conopo (Northamptonshire Police , PCSO, ND3 Daventry South)

Les Conopo


Duncan Cumming (Northamptonshire Police, PCSO, ND3 Crick & DIRFT)

Duncan Cumming


Jonathan Davis-Lyons (Northamptonshire Police, Police Inspector, NPT - South Northants & Daventry)

Jonathan Davis-Lyons

Police Inspector

Joshua Ellard (Northamptonshire Police, Sgt, ND Daventry)

Joshua Ellard


Greg HARRISON (Northamptonshire Police, Sergeant, ND1 ND3 Daventry)

Greg Harrison


Lewis Judd (Police, Sergeant, ND Daventry - Rural North / South)

Lewis Judd


Caty Morley (Police, PC, ND Daventry)

Caty Morley


Louiza-Mae Rock (Police, Police officer, ND Daventry )

Louiza-Mae Rock

Police officer

Joshua Tyers (Northamptonshire Police, PC, ND2 Daventry Neighbourhood Policing Team)

Joshua Tyers


James Wetherall (Northants Police, PC, ND2 Brixworth & Moulton)

James Wetherall


Rural Crime Team

Abigail Anstead (Northamptonshire Police, Police Sergeant, NR Rural Crime Team)

Abigail Anstead

Police Sergeant

Robert Bloxham (Northampton Police, PC, NR Rural Crime Team)

Robert Bloxham


Chloe Gillies (Northants Police, PC, NR Rural Crime Team)

Chloe Gillies


Colin Gray (Police, PC, NR Rural Crime Team)

Colin Gray


Hutch Hutchings (Police, PC, NR Rural Crime Team)

Hutch Hutchings


Chris Martin (Northants Police, PC, NR Rural Crime Team)

Chris Martin


David Wakeman (Northants Police, Chief Inspector, ND NS Daventry and South Northants)

David Wakeman

Chief Inspector

Local Priority Issues

We regularly speak to local residents to establish what issues they may be experiencing in their area. We set up to three local priorities for each policing area three times a year. These are based on local crime statistics, information from partner agencies and feedback from the community via our local priorities survey.

The word cloud below represents the issues that local residents have recently highlighted in the survey as priorities for their area (including some that say "I have no issues").

Word clouds are graphical representations of word frequency that give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently. The larger the word in the visual below the more common the word was in the survey.

Your feedback is important and the more we get, the better we can understand and deal with the issues raised. Please click on the button below to have your say on local issues. Please do share your feedback every few months so we can be sure we have your currentviews.

Local Priority Issues

We regularly speak to local residents to establish what issues they may be experiencing in the area.

To have your say on local issues, please click on the button below to complete a short survey.

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Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner
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Special Constabulary Recruitment Now open

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Secure it – Mark it – Record it: new burglary prevention campaign and SmartWater discount offer

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Event: Beat Bus - July 2025 - Whilton, Flore, Bringtons, Ashby St Ledgers, Welton & Watford

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Theft- Barby

Dear Resident Northamptonshire Police are appealing for information regarding a Theft of Ladde...

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