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Hackleton - School Parking patrols


On Wednesday, PCSO Matt Taylor conducted some patrols near to Hackleton Primary Schools following recent concerns about parking.

Whilst on patrol one parent was moved on who was parked too close to the junction with The Crescent.

It was also reported that a resident took it upon themselves to place a warning sticker on a vehicle, that was NOT illegally parked, and the residue from the sticker was difficult to remove. We would remind you that such action only causes further tension between residents, and parents, at an already stressful time, the resident was advised to stop this practice with immediate effect.

It was also noted that after a majority of parents left, and number of cars remained in situ, that were also parked on the highway, parked in exactly the same way the parents cars had been parked.

This is an extremely busy time of the day outside all schools and the responsbility rests with ALL motorists to excercise caution, when approaching any hazard.

The responsbility of parking enforcement rest now with West Northamptonshire Council, who do have a team of mobile Civil Enforcement Officers, however as I am sure many appreciate they, like us only have a finite amount of Enforcement Officers to cover what is indeed a county wide issue.

Further information of Parking outside School can be found here.

PCSO Matt Taylor

South Northamptonshire Neighbourhood Team

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