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Do You have responsibility around ground maintenance equipment at sports pitch locations?

There appears to be a crime increase at locations were Mowers, Grounds maintenance or Landscape equipment is kept.  Three separate locations across our county have been targeted and items stolen from two. Alarm systems disturbed offenders at one location and they left with no items.


If you are responsible for this kind of equipment, please ensure that you are securing it in the best possible way.  Remote sensor alarms that will alert your phone can be installed into containers or buildings, appropriate security to stop offenders getting near to the location with a vehicle should be considered.


Have you got the means to trailer mowers and ground care equipment to the site when needed so that they are kept somewhere more secure and able to be monitored?


overtly mark equipment with the Clubs name, Cricket club team name or company livery.  Consider overt and covert security markings.



Offenders wont always approach your land or location from the identified entrance gate.  too often they will use adjacent land and travel across fields and gain entry from else where.  If you have gated boundaries and they aren't in use, please block them to prevent access.  Report any suspicious vehicles or activity to the police.  talking about it on social media or whatsapp groups doesn't always get the vital information to us, who can look into it and react accordingly.  Should you become a victim of Crime, then there are several ways of reporting it to us.  If happening at the time or life is at risk, 999 every time.  If you discover that a crime has occurred and offenders are not at the scene, then please call 101 or report on line at www.northants.police.uk and click the 'report a crime' tab.


If you would like a crime prevention visit, please get in touch.


Keep em peeled.





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